Take your company to the Next Level with Winniio IoT/Energy Management Solution

An end-to-end service  that avails the worldwide resources of IoT and it
facilitates creation of a shared network of sensors that are
available as a consumable service

IoT/Energy Management Solution


The WINNIIO Carbon/Energy Risk Management Solution allows you to quickly and easily understand your potential for energy and carbon reduction through Sensing & Actuating-as-a-Service. 

It will show how your building heating and cooling system is currently behaving, what is the real comfort of your space and how is this impacting your energy and carbon footprint. 

Our Solutions

Sensing & actuating as a service

- Sensors to measure and visualize.

- Collect usage information and analyze measurement data.

- Remotely controlled actuators based on sensor input.

- Integrated with an analytic dashboard.

Starter Kit

- Do you want to put our technology to the test?

- A starter kit is an optimal way to start to experience the world of wireless possibilities.


  • Easy, reliable installation with auto-discovery
  • Eliminate virtually all sensor and control wiring
  • Position sensors in the ideal location
  • Each Mesh Router covers up to 1 Million ft3 indoors
  • Send data based on activity in near real-time
  • Complement existing BAS/BMS/SCADA
  • Amortize costs across multiple software uses
  • Configurable as Secure, Private, air-gapped network
  • Integrate 1000s applications using Open API’s

Take your company to the Next Level with Winniio IoT/Energy Management Solution

Some of Our Clients and Partners

The clients that subscribe to our CDO as a Service varies from startups and established organizations. We tailor our services according to your needs.

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