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Helping companies implement their future.

Helping companies with what they can’t Google We can take all of what the future will offer for everyone in five years, but allow you to be there now, creating a competitive edge.

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CDO on Demand

  1. Strategy and Innovation as a Service
  • WINNIIO works with your problems top of mind
  • Augmenting factor for everything you do.
  • Work closely together to solve your challenges
    • We will set up a communication channel (Telegram) for 24/7 communication.
    • Weekly sync calls based on your availability
  1. Monthly Advisory services
  • Monthly meetings (1 hour) with reporting and quarterly work sessions (1 hour)
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Venture Creation

Innovation and Business Strategy Overview

Strategic Alignment

We know where the future is going. What we don’t know is what you are today.

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Strategic Advisory

We are experts when it comes to linking strategy from the global to the local across many industries.

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  • Personal Coaching: Coaching for CEOs of Startups to create a roadmap for you for this year,  next year, and the future.

  • BMC & VPC:  We can understand what the customer sees, how they buy today. We understand how they are buying so that we can sell to them. 

  • Priorities Navigator: What are the top 10 things that we need to do? how to prioritize them? What should we do first? Should we do in parallel? how long would this take? Look at the different things that we need to get done. 

  • Create sign ups: a splash out to basically every municipality, every kind of MSB, across the world. See, who's interested. Interact with them, fail fast pivot and understand what can we charge for this? 

  • Crystallizing the USP: by understand the buyers routines. Operations and Enthusiasts. 

  • Define & Defend:  define the products and services that you can provide, put a price tag on it.

  • Create The Team: an advisory board, team members, and then create the structure.

  • Create a pitch deck. 

  • Create a Website/Mockup: A clear communication structure, based on understanding of what your competitors are doing, where your strengths lie, what you've done before and just package this so that you can communicate it well to customers, and reach out to your investors.

Venture Creation

Priorities Navigator

Future Readiness guaranteed in weeks, not months or years

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