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Smart Heating as a Service


In Europe, energy consumption in buildings represents 40% of the total energy consumption. This is representative of the world’s total energy consumption. More than 80% of the buildings existing in 2050 will be made up of the ones that already exist today! To meet the long-term political goals (zero greenhouse emissions by 2045) we have to create robust, useful, attractive and highly scalable powerful energy efficiency solutions for existing real estate portfolios.

The goal is to optimize the heating supply with the lowest possible emission of CO2, concerning individual rooms, the assets, as well as the city, the energy producer and the overall context through AI-driven methods.

Current Situation

Current Situation

Higher temperatures
Lower efficiency

Vision of Modern Networks

Vision of Modern Networks

Low temperatures
High efficiency

In the meantime, many district energy systems have old or even outdated control systems due to legacy in hard & software with limited or no dynamic optimization.

Current Control System

Current Control System

Legacy software, often built in-house
Limited insights into drivers of system efficiency
Stability only, no optimization
2D Dashboard

Modern Control System

Modern Control System

Complex and dynamic modeling, made easy
Continuous visibility and transparency
AI powered intelligence
Automated dynamic optimization and controls
Simulated 3D dashboard with multiple layered schemas to effectively manage the building contextually
Collaborate and work

Our ambition is to significantly improve heating systems

The power of the Winniio Heating Service

Winniio Smart Heating as a Service is especially designed for heating systems. In this case, a digital twin is a virtual simulation of a physical heating system. This allows for multiple simulation scenarios and analytics and therefore results in the most optimal settings for the heating system, any time all the time. 

Digital Twin

Winniio Smart Heating as a Service analyses the customer heat demand on a granular basis and combines this information with the hydraulic and thermo-dynamic losses within the network. This is the optimal input for different heat sources within the system. It also matches customer demand and heat production in the most optimized way, resulting in lower energy losses and emission reductions!

Smart Physical models

Smart Physical models

-Combining the BIM models with Metadata and smart library to contextually access the information at any given point and making the model smarter.
-Fill in the blanks with the AI, based on sensor data input

Fill in the blanks with AI

Fill in the blanks with AI

-Optimizes your network with Artificial Intelligence
-Employs rapid setup as AI learns from your historic network data
-Dynamically forecasts and optimizes in real-time
Automatically adapts as your system expands over time

Maximum Value from all data

Maximum Value from all data

-Utilizes a holistic approach from heat sources to end customers and everything in between
-Emphasizes combining different data sources, sensors, actuators to control radiators, and more by bringing IoT capabilities.
-Creates a smart Digital Twin based on data sets

Secure and Flexible Setup

Secure and Flexible Setup

-No system replacement necessary
-Always updated
-Secure access from anywhere
-Calculation power used to support our Digital Twin

Digital Twin Enablement Växjö




Transform your heating system with the power of the Winniio Smart Heating as a Service

  • District Heating Software
  • Simulate, analyze and automate controls
  • Allow a holistic approach from heat sources to end customers and everything in between
  • Optimize temperature, humidity, occupancy, CO2 & windows position data.
  • Control the radiators with actuators remotely.
  • EDGE native approach, users have access to data locally. No dependency on the cloud.
  • Collaborative simulation dashboard for visualization
  • AI Self-learning aspect, systems learn from past and can predict the future scenario.
  • Intuitive interface to understand your network
  • Easy setup in less than 4 months



Different sensors like temperature, humidity, CO2, Occupancy and Magnetic etc. are installed to collect the data.


Actuators are installed on radiators to effectively manage and control the radiator heat supply.

Echo Router

Plug-and-play, autonomous routers to send data to and from sensors through the network.

EDGE Gateway

EDGE gateway provides reliable remote cellular access to the Dynamic Mesh Network, Serial Networks and Building Automation Networks. Packed with connectivity for Cellular, Wireless, and Wired network integrations.

WINNIIO Microservice

Robust and scalable microservice from WINNIIO.

Other services integrations

The solution is interoperable and has inbuilt capabilities to add other services Gaming Engine, Proptech OS, NODA, etc. to add more features.

Our Mission – making sustainable impact on heating systems

Approximately 50% of all energy consumption in the world is used for heating and cooling. District heating systems are a large portion of this. At Winniio, we have the ambition to assist Smart Heating companies in applying new technologies as our Digital Twin to strongly reduce energy consumption. For our planet, more than 10% reduction of heat losses, results in the following.

More than 2.5 million tons CO2 emissions prevented annually

Sector profitability up by more than 3B€ with many networks co-owned by the public

More than 1 billion m³ natural gas saved annually

45-70 PJ (petajoule) lower heat losses compared to present consumption

Start saving and reduce carbon footprint. Create an impact with our Smart Heating as a Service

Some of Our Clients and Partners

The clients that subscribe to our Smart Heating as a Service varies from startups and established organizations. We tailor our services according to your needs.

Interested for a customized solution?

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