Take your company to the Next Level with Winniio Starter Kit

Do you want to put our technology to the test?

Starter kit is the optimal way to start to experience the world of wireless possibilities

Starter Kit


A perfect kit to kick-start your smart journey. A handy kit with easy self installation. Without any programming skills you get  sensor data and networks statistics in the dashboard  which is preconfigured in the Starter Kit.


  • WIFI enabled Gateway with router preinstalled 
  • 2x  temp & humidity sensor
  • 1-month data service
  • Dashboard
Instant Installation

Instant Installation

Unique Reliability

Unique Reliability

Battery Powered

Battery Powered

Dashboard Included

Dashboard Included


Easy self-installation, provided with installation video.

Plugin Edge gateway

Login and validate gateway registration

Install temp sensor on an interior wall about 3M height into 3 different areas

Install temp sensor on the HVAC air supply vent or next to the heating radiator in the same 3 areas

Plugin Echo routers to create a communication path between sensors and gateway as shown in instructions

Provide us with a marked-up floor plan with an approximate location of the device installations

Take your company to the Next Level with Winniio Starter Kit

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