#6 Digital Twin Thinking

In this episode of the Beyond Buildings Podcast, we talk about Digital Twins with the insightful Digital Twin Specialist, Ken Olling from SEKAI. Ken does a buzzword breakdown of his perspective of what a Digital Twin is, and what it means for their customers.

We get to hear about the SEKAI way where Digital Twins can act as;

  • A way to make sense of data from different systems, enabling analytics initiatives to create value from data coming from different sources.
  • The visual representation needed for people to understand what is going on from a holistic perspective, irrespective of background, skill-set and discipline.
  • Act in real-time, absorbing reality from any source, creating the possibilities to act ahead of time.
  • As an innovation platform for the future, to bring, people, ideas, systems together in a holistic, understandable way.

We talk about how their software platform helps organizations create digital twins and the global need of getting away from so-called twin washing, and that the industry needs to be more concrete and get going with real-use cases. We get to know that 80% of managers believe that Big Data is critical for decision making, but only 5% think that it delivers on the promises.

We also discuss that a real digital twin allows companies to participate and collaborate between silos and disciplines with all of the data, not just discipline-specific. And that all of the data ingested in the digital twin should be accessible within milliseconds.

– Listen in and hear what the world was like Pre-COVID and what a true future-doer thinks about the industry!

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